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The Asian Art Museum stands in solidarity with Asian communities throughout the United States and across the world who have been scapegoated for the outbreak and spread of COVID-19 and targeted with hate and violence. We also recognize that other minority groups—whether ethnic, racial, religious, or immigrant—have been targeted. We condemn all forms of racism and xenophobia, and we are committed to making the Asian Art Museum a place that welcomes and inspires everyone. By developing practices and programs on site and online that foster dialogue and connect people through cultural expression, we strive to build empathy and understanding. We believe in the power of engagement with Asian art and culture in its many forms and we thank you for joining us. We are all in this together.


How is the museum responding to COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)?

We are in frequent contact and aligning our response with the San Francisco Department of Public Health and the Department of Emergency Management, which remain the best local resources about the virus, how to prevent its spread, and how to align with the City’s preparedness plans.

We are also in communication with the San Francisco Travel Association, which offers information on the virus’s impact on convention and tourism activity and related City business.

We have created an Emergency Response Team (ERT) to proactively develop plans to protect and secure the health and safety of staff, volunteers, and our visitors, while also ensuring the security of the collection and building.

Where can I find information about COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)?

The San Francisco Department of Public Health remains the best local resource for information about the virus, how to prevent its spread, and how to align with the city’s preparedness plans. Other sources include the: