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Now Open! Carlos Villa: Worlds in Collision
The first major museum retrospective dedicated to the work of a Filipino American artist, Carlos Villa: Worlds in Collision celebrates the exuberant work and enduring influence of one of the most important artists of his generation. Learn more.
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Asian Art Museum
200 Larkin St.
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You’ll encounter an eclectic array of virtual events to stimulate your mind and activate your soul: creative events with artists and writers, short film screenings, innovative music, and more.
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A horizontal painted mural depicting musicians with a painted dragon mounted above
From Our Collection
Moon Jar
The deities Brahma and Indra (Bonten and Taishakuten)
Crowned and bejeweled Buddha image and throne
Southeast Asia
The Hindu deity Shiva
South Asia
Ritual Vessel in the Shape of a Rhinoceros
The Buddhist deity Simhavaktra, a dakini
The Himalayas & Tibetan Buddhist World
The Hindu deity Vishnu
Southeast Asia
Ewer with Lotus-Shaped Lid
Lidded Jar with Design of a Lotus Pond
The bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara (Guanyin)
The Buddha triumphing over Mara
South Asia
Buddha dated 338
Cup with calligraphic inscriptions
The Persian World & West Asia